2022 © Kelly Reark, SPLASH OF SILVER.
Acrylic on canvas (30x60). 

2012 © Kelly Reark, KALEIDOSCOPE. Acrylic on canvas (36x48).

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Retired Paintings 

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2021 © Kelly Reark, SILVER LINING.
Acrylic on canvas (36x48). 

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2011 © Kelly Reark, BEACH BOYS.
Acrylic on canvas (30x24). 

2016 © Kelly Reark, ROSEATE SPOONBILLS.
Acrylic on canvas (16x20). 

Reark original artwork is in high demand. She releases extremely limited editions of select paintings, and when the edition is complete, that piece is retired. These rare giclee reproductions are available at just a few venues each year.  If you want to be one of the few to own one of her original works or limited editions, click the link to learn more.

2005 © Kelly Reark, SAIL PENDING.

Acrylic on canvas (16x20). Original Available.

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2016 © Kelly Reark, TROPICAL FLOWERS, Dyes and paint on silk (8x54). One of a kind.


2022 © Kelly Reark, ELSIE BRACKEN.
Acrylic on canvas (18X24). 

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2014 © Kelly Reark, SCHOOLMATES. Acrylic on canvas (48x24).

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2015 © Kelly Reark, JELLY ROOM. Watercolor on cotton (27x42).

2022 © Kelly Reark, BRIGHTER DAYS.
Acrylic on canvas (36x48). 

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2007 © Kelly Reark, BACK SPLASH. Acrylic on canvas (48x24).

Gallery of Paintings and Silks


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2018 © Kelly Reark, HER MAJESTY'S WISH.
Acrylic on canvas (16x20).


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2012 © Kelly Reark, REEL WOMEN OF BOCA GRANDE.

Acrylic on canvas (24x30). Original Available.


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2010 © Kelly Reark, REEL DREAMS.
​Acrylic on canvas (35x23). 

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Acrylic on canvas. Original available.
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2010 © Kelly Reark, BOCA GRANDE LADY.
Acrylic on canvas (24x18). Original Available.

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2012 © Kelly Reark, DOG BLESS THE USA. Acrylic on canvas (20x16).

2016 © Kelly Reark, DOUBLE DIP.
Acrylic on canvas (30x40). Original Available.

2019 © Kelly Reark, WRONG TURN. Acrylic on canvas (20x16).

2006 © Kelly Reark, SUMMER SCHOOL. Acrylic on canvas (35x25).

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2010 © Kelly Reark, MATES FOR LIFE.
Acrylic on canvas (24x48). 

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Original Available. Please contact Kelly.

2018 © Kelly Reark,
​Watercolor (11x14).

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2019 © Kelly Reark, RICHEST MEMORIES.
Acrylic on canvas (36x48). 

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Kelly's Work

2022 © Kelly Reark, HOMEWARD BOUND.
Acrylic on canvas (40x60). 

2014 © Kelly Reark, CHARLOTTE HARBOR SLAM. Watercolor (16x20). 

2018 © Kelly Reark, BANYAN STREET.

Acrylic on canvas (18x24). 

2013 © Kelly Reark, ANCHORED IN TRADITION.
Acrylic on canvas (24x30). Original Available.

2018 © Kelly Reark, WEST END GIRLS.
Watercolor (11X17). 

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2018 © Kelly Reark, OLD SCHOOL.
Acrylic on canvas (36x48). 

     I am an award-winning native Floridan artist inspired by my days fishing in Boca Grande and Chokoloskee.  I love where I live and I love what I do. God inspires me daily in the form of the beautiful weather, landscapes and wildlife I live with. I get to spend time with my family in our garden, on the water or in the woods just like I did growing up. I get to share my inspirations with my two boys, and we get to create together. My husband and I teach our children about how important our choices are. That is why I want my art to promote sustainability and conservation of our precious ecosystems and wildlife. Through capturing my experiences in various fine art mediums, I encourage my fellow outdoorsmen to preserve resources for the enjoyment of all.
         I render the beauty of my home state with custom, personalized, hand-painted fiberglass fish mounts featuring detailed wildlife and landmarks. These “tattooed” pieces are an indelible reminder that the permanence of unique wildlife in the Florida Everglades depends on the effectiveness of our efforts to be sustainable and responsible. I’ve created work on many species and sizes from sea turtles to bonefish to the ever-popular tarpon. 
     Sepia toned paintings and fish mounts have become a sought-after trademark style of mine. Sepia tones look like woodcarving or scrimshaw in the way that I apply the paint. Nostalgic Florida themes convey elegance and timelessness in this style.
     I also enjoy painting bright, large-format acrylic paintings on stretched canvas, dye-painted raw silks, and watercolors on cold-pressed cotton paper. I like to capture the energy of fighting fish or the tranquility of swimming turtles through light, color and texture.
     In any media, I transport you into an experience brought to life with my brush. Since 2002, I have exhibited work in conjunction with fishing tournaments, galleries, and invitational or juried fine art festivals. My work has been published in books, magazines and newspapers, and is on display in both private collections and public spaces.      

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2009 © Kelly Reark, REIGNING SILVER. Acrylic on canvas (18x24)​.

2013 © Kelly Reark, TRIPLE CROWN.
Acrylic on canvas (30x40). Original Available.
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2018 © Kelly Reark,
​Watercolor (11x14).

2016 © Kelly Reark, TROPICAL BIRDS OF PARADISE, Dyes and paint on silk (14x68). One of a kind.

2009 © Kelly Reark, BOCA GRANDE BOYS. Acrylic on canvas (48x24).

2010 © Kelly Reark, SARDINE SLAMMERS.
Acrylic on canvas (24x18)​. Original Available.

2007 © Kelly Reark, TOP SAIL. Acrylic on canvas (16x20). Original Available.

2012 © Kelly Reark, COME FLY WITH ME.
Acrylic on canvas (24x48). Original Available.

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Limited quantity available of Backsplash by Kelly Reark
Original Available. Please contact Kelly.
2016 © Kelly Reark, NEON OCTOPUS.
Acrylic on canvas (16x20). Original Available.

2016 © Kelly Reark, NEON TARPON.
Acrylic on canvas (16x20). Original available.

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2012 © Kelly Reark, TURTLE REEF. Acrylic on canvas (48x24).

2019 © Kelly Reark, ON THE EDGE OF PEACE.

Acrylic on canvas (24x30). Original Available.