Kelly is uniquely talented and uses her skills to create company logos, photography editing and restoration, wearable apparel artwork, advertising and so much more. For information on photo restoration, graphic design services, logo creation, specialty artwork for shirts, or artwork for your fishing tournament or art festival, please contact Kelly. Thanks!

   The silk design process is very involved and requires many steps. Kelly uses only the finest silk charmeuse. Due to hand-rolling the hem, the sizes are approximate. First, the silk must be washed and dried using a special product that dissolves any oils, dirt, and gum that the silk worms leave behind. When the silk is nearly dry, the artist irons it flat and prepares it for the loom.
   Kelly chooses the subject matter and draws an image suitable for the size of the silk painting she is creating. Each silk is unique, and each drawing is unique. The more detail a piece has, the higher the difficulty of the piece. Every line of the drawing must be transferred by her hand to the silk, after which the silk will be stretched onto a loom. Using a resist, Kelly traces each of her drawing lines once more and waits several hours for the resist to penetrate the fabric and dry. During that time, the artist will mix her dyes and think about the colors she will use in her painting.
   When the silk is ready on the loom and the resist is dry, Kelly paints each piece just as she would paint a watercolor painting. Each silk is an individual, unique, original painting — NOT a stamp, screen, or reproduction!
   Once the paint process is complete, there are several additional steps involving dry time, dye setting, washing, drying, and ironing. All in all, Kelly has 10 — 20 hours into each silk. The end result is a beautiful finished silk painting. Wear them, hang them, frame them, or use them as table runners. Whatever you choose to do, please enjoy them! Kelly's Silk Art magazine is now available! Contact Kelly for your copy.

Wearable Silk Paintings

   Capture the experience of your fishing trip with a three-dimensional, unique piece of fish art.  A clean fiberglass fish mount as Kelly's canvas, and your photos and story as the design!  Many species and sizes available.  Call for pricing.

Fish Mounts

Murals and Faux Finishing

Graphic Artistry and Photography

   Kelly Reark creates original mural designs and custom furniture from the ideas of her clients.  Each piece is special, and Kelly relishes the opportunity to try new techniques and subjects.  Where in your home will you showcase your hand painted piece or tropical mural?  


Fine Paintings in Acrylic or Watercolor


   Marine artwork is inspiring because it shows the world from beneath the waves.  The tranquil sounds of water erupt in powerful curtains of bubbles or thunderous tail slaps.  Marlin, sailfish, tarpon, and other gamefish with their stunning strength and grace attract anglers from around the world to our shores and reefs.

   Have you ever been fishing off the Florida coast?  What about snorkeling or scuba diving beneath the waves on a coral reef? Natural wonders are all around us, if we open our eyes to see them.

   Kelly Reark's fine art shares the excitement of these adventures from an artist's perspective. This truly is "Art Inspired by Nature."